Wednesday, August 20, 2008

UK National Risk Register

The UK Cabinet Office has now made public information from the previously classified UK National Risk Register. This is available at

This seems to backup what many scientists have been saying. The greatest risk to the UK is not terrorism, or even global warming. It's an Influenza Pandemic.

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Iain said...

An interesting chart... and I wonder how they came up with the likelihoods in particular. (The impacts, on the whole, I think I can agree with.)

For example, it seems that severe weather events would be a more likely occurrence than an influenza pandemic, given that of late severe weather events have been occurring more-or-less on an annual basis, and there exists no reason to believe that this kind of pattern would not continue.

Still... I believe it'll be the large unexpected event or events which will stand to cause the biggest impacts - likelihood of H5N1 mutating into an easily transmissible form of influenza notwithstanding.