Thursday, May 22, 2008

End of Recorded Programme

As the Champions League Final was on in the middle of the night our time I recorded it on Foxtel IQ (same as Sky+ in the UK) to watch when I got home from work tonight. What a game. The first 20 minutes were cagey but the rest of the game was gripping. When it entered extra time I new this game was set on for a penalty shoot-out - it was just too close to call. I was on the edge of my seat in extra time - both teams had a number of chances and you could see they were giving it all they had even though cramp was setting in and they were all struggling with the awful pitch, made worse by the weather conditions. Then in the 114th minute it all kicked off, a big fracas erupted but there was so much going on you couldn't really see who was doing what. And then... 'End of recorded programme'. God, Foxtel pisses me off!

It kind of took the excitement out of the penalty shoot-out when I had to turn to the Internet to find out what happened.

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